What we do


We use innovation, prototyping and applied research methodologies to develop innovative solutions that accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.







How we work


We work in a local testbed in Hamburg, Germany, that allows for ideas, tools, scenarios and solutions to be prototyped and tested before deploying them in cities around the world.







Who we are


We are an interdisciplinary and diverse team of urban experts, software developers and technology specialists developing testable pilot projects and tools in Hamburg and beyond.











“Digital technologies have the potential to serve people, improve public services and contribute to sustainable urbanization, but persistent digital divides remain. By establishing this Accelerator, UN-Habitat and our partners are contributing to building an inclusive digital society, developing digital capacity and fostering digital cooperation, as promoted by the UN Secretary-General”. ‍

—Maimunah Mohd. Sharif, Under-Secretary General and Executive Director of UN-Habitat



New Articles


UNITAC is looking for a Geospatial Frontend Specialist to support the project “Just transitions in vulnerable places – digital solutions for climate resilient informal areas and climate-smart urban recovery of communities affected by crisis” in Ukraine.

Deadline to apply 10th April 2024

More information and details to apply here


UNITAC is looking for a Data Scientist (GIS) for the project "Just transitions in vulnerable places - Towards Inclusive, Smart, and Resilient Urban Recovery" in Namibia.

Deadline to apply: April 15th 2024

UNITAC Hamburg has officially launched “Just transitions in vulnerable places – digital solutions for more climate resilient informal areas and climate smart urban recovery of communities affected by crisis”.

In the framework of Urban October 2022, UNITAC Hamburg hosted "Building Smart Tools for Sustainable Cities", a webinar to learn about the successes and challenges in the process of developing digital tools to support cities in their digital transformation journeys.


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We provide strategy, tools and capacity to assist cities and communities to better plan, implement, manage and monitor sustainable urbanisation utilizing digital technology.

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